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Stuttering Causes and Remedies

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Stuttering 101

Stuttering basics including why people stutter, how people stutter and who stutters

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History of Stuttering

Brief and insightful view of stuttering history.  Although the history of stuttering is unremarkable, the future is bright!

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Brain Neuroplasticity

Brain Neuroplasticity Breakthrough can lead to

fluent speech for all people who stutter

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Stuttering "Cure"

StutterMind enables fluent speech for stutters, but is not a "cure".  For Michael, speaking fluently (undetectable stuttering for people that don't know you) is more than enough

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Types of Stuttering

Michael discusses the various types of stuttering.  StutterMind Tools help avoid any and all types of stuttering 

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Can Anyone Become a Fluent Speaker?

StutterMind Tools & Methods can significantly improve speech fluency

- Guaranteed or your money back -

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