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Step 2
Speech Fluency Toolkit (Tools to Avoid Any Stutter)
Training Plans are provided for each Tool

Screenshot New Member Welcome.jpg

Path to Speech Fluency

Welcome to StutterMind!

Overview of the StutterMind Steps to Speech Fluency

Screenshot safe passage.jpg

Safe Passage Tool

An easy, familiar and practical StutterMind Tool to avoid a stutter

Screenshot Silent Sounds.jpg

Silent Sound Tool

Use this effective StutterMind Tool 

when facing a feared word or sound

Screenshot word prefixes and linkages FINAL.jpg

Word Prefixes and Linkages

Use of prefixes and work linkage to

eliminate feared first sounds or words

Screenshot Speech Conveyor Belt.jpg

Speech Conveyor Belt

 Your speech conveyor belt

doesn't stop for disfluency

Screenshot Soft Speech Commencement.jpg

Soft Speech Commencement

Speech is more fluent when the construction of sounds is done gently, subtly and softly

Screenshot Voice Variation2.jpg

Voice Variation

One of Michael's favorite StutterMind Tools

that not only leads to fluent speech,

but also helps make you a more effective speaker

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