Transform the lives of people who suffer from stuttering or speech anxiety utilizing breakthrough methodology to achieve speech fluency


- developed by an actual lifelong severe stutter who now speaks fluently -


I began stuttering at the age of 5 after attending speech therapy at school to address a slight lisp caused from knocking out my front teeth in an accident.  For the next 45 years I lived with severe stutter.  


I lived a productive life despite my stutter including raising 2 children and a successful career in supply chain logistics.  The quality of my entire life suffered due to my severe stutter.


I sought help from all available sources including speech therapy, mechanical devices, books and online resources.  None of these provided any significant benefit. Some of them actually made my stutter worse.


After learning about brain neuroplasticity, I developed tools and methods to allow me to achieve fluent speech and significantly improve the quality of my life!  Empathizing with the over 70 million people who suffer from stuttering and speech anxiety,  I established StutterMind to share this breakthrough in speech fluency.

Michael, TX (USA)

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