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Step 3
Brain Training for Fluent Speech
Training Plans are provided for each Brain Training video

Screenshot Hearing Fluent Speech.jpg

Creating New Fluent Speech Neuropathways

Learn how to hear your voice speaking

fluently and establish new fluent speech neuropathways

Screenshot fighting words.jpg

Starving Disfluent Speech Neuropathways

Learn how to starve existing disfluent speech neuropathways

Screenshot Saying Names.jpg

Saying Your Name (with ease)

For most people who stutter, the most difficult word to say is you name.  Learn how StutterMind Tools and Self-Affirmations can make saying your name easy

screenshot self affirmations.png

Self Affirmations

Replace thoughts about words with Self Affirmations

screenshot preparing yourself to speak.png

Mindset for Fluent Speech

What you should do before speaking.

Should you plan your words?

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