Stuttering "Cure"

There is much debate about a stuttering "cure.   For most of history, the cause(s) of stuttering have not been fully understood and no "cure" identified.  If you claim a "cure", you might be called a charlatan or a phony providing false hope.   Some stuttering social media support sites will even block you from their sites!

"Acceptance" is the primary mindset of the mainstream (media, academic, speech pathologist, etc.).  Speech Pathologist and Therapist mostly do not fully understand why people stutter and have never personally experience stuttering.  

Center for Stuttering Therapy

"we do not know why people stutter“  / "for adults it is a chronic life-long disorder“

"total fluency is not a realistic goal for most adults“


National Stuttering Association

"controlling stuttering is a long-term project that begins with acceptance of one’s stuttering“


Scientific American

“treatment options include...counseling to minimize negative reactions, pharmaceutical interventions, and electronic devices that enhance fluency“


The McGuire Programme

“...start with self-acceptance. Learning to accept ourselves fully in the role of people who stammer can be challenging, but it is the crucial first step”


Speech Therapy is Big Business:

Patients and Parents of Patients often spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on Speech Therapy Programs.  

  • ~100,00 speech language pathologist in the United States, of which less than 500 are Fluency Specialist (even fewer have experienced stuttering) 

  • many speech-language pathologists have no training or experience with stuttering

In the UD, $180 for an initial consultation, $130 for a 45 minute session, Intensive Stuttering Programs between $1,500 and $3,000


Definition of "Cure"

Merriam-Webster dictionary provides multiple definitions for the word “cure”:

  • “relief of systems of a condition” or "a course of treatment” – based on that definition, speech therapy and StutterMind may be considered a "cure", however... 

  • an alternative definition says “a complete or permanent solution or remedy”.   Based on this definition, no treatment or therapy currently meets this definition.  


If a person continues stuttering beyond adolescence, chances are they will always be a person who stutters.  However, people who stutter can learn to speak fluently - undetectable to people that do not know you.

At StutterMind we do NOT claim to "cure" stuttering due to the broadness of the definition, however we do advocate speech fluency is a realistic goal for people who stutter.  I (Michael, Founder of StutterMind) am living proof that StutterMind's methods and teaching of brain neuroplasticity can be effective for people who stutter.  

"Bottom line - StutterMind is NOT a cure, but can help any stutterer speak fluently!  That is more than enough for me"  - Michael

Become a StutterMind member and learn how free yourself from self-sabotaging patterns, become the master of your brain, and begin your path to speech fluency! 


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