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The Ranch

To get you caught-up to date, here is a quick summary of the history of the ranch...


After months of searching hundreds of properties in and around Texas Hill Country and Central Texas, we discovered this beautiful 20 acre property. The rolling land land is heavily wooded (lots of oak, cedar and other trees) with a small creek. I purchased the property in August 2020.

Not being able to view most of the property due to thick brush and trees, I hired Josh to clear about 7 acres (out of 20).

I bought a John Deere tractor and several implements (cutter, box blade, rake and spreader) to finish clearing and preparing the property to spread fertilizer and seed. I the goal was to not miss the spring growing season! I needed the grass roots to take hold and minimize erosion.

My son Brennan and daughter Bailey helping at the Ranch!

I spread about 1,000 pounds of fertilizer and grass seed. Looking forward to seeing it grow! I took advantage of available resources at Texas A&M to make sure I selected the right fertilizer and seed for the Ranch.

I have a Wildlife Management Plan for the ranch that includes support for the local birds, deer and other wildlife.

The ranch gets regular visitors! I really enjoy seeing the doe with her fawn!

Mid-summer 2021 and the grass has taken root and has grown very well, thanks to a very wet spring season. The ranch is looking beautiful!

Next phase is to start building at the Ranch. Currently working with a builder on the plans for a ranch house, bunk house and barn. Hope to start construction soon!

Check back later for more Ranch updates!

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