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Video Introduction: The StutterMind Protocol

Hello, I’m Michael Ferris, the author of Stop Stuttering, How to Rewire Your Brain for Fluent Speech – The StutterMind Protocol.  I am a life-long severe stutterer who now speaks fluently.  Having personally transformed my own speech after 45 years of stuttering, I possess a unique insight into the stuttering experience.

I am also the Founder and President of StutterMind, Inc., a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who stutter realize their full potential, free from the constraints of stuttering. With five decades of experience with stuttering, my personal mission is to assist those who stutter, individuals for whom I deeply empathize and understand. Drawing upon the science of brain neuroplasticity, I created the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol, an easy-to-follow, practical, and effective method to rewire the brain to Stop Stuttering.


In 2019, I launched, a groundbreaking website offering on-demand and live coaching to help individuals worldwide overcome stuttering.

By purchasing this book, you've taken a crucial step beyond the mainstream message of stuttering “acceptance”, and embark on the journey to stop stuttering. Finally, after centuries of disappointing outcomes in stuttering treatment, brain neuroplasticity science has provided an unprecedented path to rewire our brains and stop stuttering.


In this revolutionary self-help book, you'll discover the reasons behind stuttering and effective strategies to overcome it. You'll also find QR code links to training videos that will help teach you the Tools to Avoid Any Stutter. Additionally, you will hear from others who have successfully rewired their brains and stop stuttering, as a result of following the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol. 


Let's get started. Enjoy the book!

Book Cover_edited.jpg
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