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Effectively Utilizing Tools (the right sequence)


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another coaching video from the book Stop Stuttering – How to Rewire Your Brain for Fluent Speech: The StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol.  In this video, I will delve into the significance of effectively utilizing the Tools to avoid any stutter.


When it comes to overcoming stuttering, it's not just about learning and mastering the Tools to Avoid Any Stutter, it's about using them strategically and in the right sequence. Let me break it down for you.


Firstly, we start with Voice Variation. This is where you commence your speech by employing your Alternate King or Queen Voice with voice variations. Why is this important? Well, not only does it enhance the efficacy of your speech, but it also helps divert your focus from troublesome words, resulting in fewer stuttering blocks that will require the use of a Tool to avoid. 


Now, even though you will have fewer stuttering blocks when speaking with Voice Variations, you may still encounter challenges. When you do, it’s time to use aTactical Tool. It's crucial to become proficient in multiple tools because the effectiveness of a single tool will diminish over time.


Whether it's using Soft Speech Commencement, Word Linkage, Adding & Linking a Vowel Prefix or simply Talking Around a Word, having a variety of tools at your disposal ensures that you can navigate any speaking situation with confidence.


Finally, if despite your efforts to use Voice Variations and Tactical Tools, you find yourself stuck in a stutter, it's time to Leave Disfluency Behind. This technique allows you to swiftly move on to the next letter or syllable after a single failed attempt, keeping your speech flowing at a normal fluent rate.


Remember, the key to success lies not just mastering the Tools to Avoid Any Stutter, but proactively using them and in the right sequence. By strategically using voice variation, tools to avoid any stutter, and the leave disfluency behind technique, you can speak with confidence in any situation.


Thank you for watching, and I wish you all the best on your journey to fluent speech

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