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Voice Variation Tool

Hello everyone, I'm Michael Ferris, the author of "Stop Stuttering: How to Rewire Your Brain for Fluent Speech – The StutterMind Protocol." Today, I'm excited to introduce you to one of the most powerful tools in the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol—the Voice Variation Tool.

The Voice Variation Tool is a simple yet incredibly effective technique to reduce stuttering blocks and feared words. It involves speaking in an alternative voice—a voice that contains multiple variations from your normal speech pattern.


These voice variations can include speaking slowly, elongating words, exaggerating articulation, adjusting your voice register up and down, speaking with passion and emotion, incorporating smiling or physical gestures, and even mimicking different dialects or characters like a King or Queen.


Now, let me show you how this works. I personally use what I call my "King" voice. It involves upright posture, slowed speech, elongated pronunciation, a mix of different voice registers including an outdoor voice, regular voice, half-voice and whisper, speaking with passion, a smile, and physical hand gestures.


I am to incorporate all of these elements while speaking in my “king voice”.  When I embody the confident, clear voice of a King, my speech flows smoothly, and stuttering occurrences dramatically decrease.


Now, you might be wondering why voice variation works so well. Well, when you shift your focus away from the words and engage your mind in different thoughts about executing various voice variations, stuttering tends to fade into the background. You voice follows your brain. 

Take actor Rowan Atkinson, for example. He experiences stuttering in his normal speech but finds that it disappears when he takes on a character role like Mr. Bean. This illustrates how altering your voice and adopting different personas can help improve speech fluency by diverting the mind.


It's important to incorporate multiple voice variations into your alternative speaking voice. This keeps your attention engaged with voice variations and prevents it from fixating on the words you're trying to speak.


Personally, I've found voice variation to be the most impactful tool for achieving speech fluency. So, remember to proactively use your best speaking voice with variations in any stressful speaking situation. Voice variation not only empowers you to speak fluently but also has the potential to transform you into an exceptionally effective communicator.


Although I rewired my brain for fluent speech 6 years ago, I still use my “king” voice to ensure highly effective communication when speaking in stressful situations.


Thank you for watching, and I wish you all the best on your journey to fluent speech!

Book Cover_edited.jpg
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