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Soft Speech Commencement Toool


Hello, fellow stutterers! In this video I will cover another practical tool from the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol – the Soft Speech Commencement Tool.

Mastering this tool is pivotal for building your Speech Fluency Toolkit and eliminating stuttering. With practice, it becomes a powerful ally, especially for words starting with hard consonants like B, D, J, K, P, Q, T, and sometimes C, G. These hard consonants make up over 40% of English words.

To conquer hard blocks, we shift away from forceful articulation. Fluency often comes when we craft sounds gently, subtly, and softly – like a whisper. Did you know whispering is an effective tool to stop stuttering? Unfortunately, we can't whisper all day, but we can softly start a feared word with a whisper.

Start by taking a deep breath into your belly. As you exhale, softly whisper the first letter or syllable of the challenging word, without engaging your vocal

cords. Keep the airflow steady and gently engage your vocal cords on the second letter or syllable as you continue to exhale.

Consider this example:

First with severe articulation: "The cat ran up the tree."

This time with Soft Speech Commencement: "The cccccat ran up the tttttree."

Whispering the first sound to start any word is an easy and effective way avoid any stutter block.

Listen how the softly I shape the first letters and syllables as I read from The Caterpillar Passage:

Do you like amusement parks? Well, I sure do. To amuse myself, I went twice last spring. My most memorable moment was riding on the Caterpillar, which is a gigantic rollercoaster high above the ground. When I saw how high the Caterpillar rose into the bright blue sky I knew it was for me.


Smooth, right?


You can start using this tool immediately.  Practice using the Tool even when it is not needed.  It's nearly undetectable by your listeners, so use it with confidence.

Thank you for watching, and I wish you all the best on your journey to fluent speech!

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