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Tool Utilization

StutterMind Toolkit: Soft Speech Commencement 

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another coaching video from the book Stop Stuttering – How to Rewire Your Brain for Fluent Speech: The StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol. While learning the Tools and practicing them in your safe space by reading aloud is a great start, it's essential to also use the Tools during conversations with others.  Reluctance to use the tools will only delay your journey to stop stuttering. 


Let me introduce you to a recent graduate of the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol, Eva Maria.  Eva Maria is 20 years old and has lived with severe stuttering blocks her entire life.  She diligently followed the StutterMind Neuroscience Protocol, including mastery and use of the Tools to Avoid Any Stutter. 

Here is short clip with Eva Maria, explaining her experience using the StutterMind Tools:

[Eva Maria Video]

Not only has Eva Maria mastered the use of Tools to avoid any stutter, she actually LIKES using the tools!  Her mindset about embracing the use of tools has helped Eva Marie quickly rewire her brain to Stop Stuttering, and now she only rarely needs to use the Tools.  So, master the use of tools and use them with confidence, your listeners will hardly notice, if it at all!

Eva Maria is now speaking fluently, with confidence, all of the time.  Life changing. 

Thank you for watching, and I wish you all the best on your journey to fluent speech.

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